MESSKO Temperature Electronic Indicators EL 100/160

CEPCO Sales are official MESSKO Temperature Electronic Indicators EL 100/160 in Saudi Arabia. 

MESSKO by MR Brand Saudi Arabia
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The electronic indicator EI100/160 shows the temperature or a percentage output of any sensor. The information is indicated with an analog indicator instrument and a digital LCD display. The built-in max. memorized value can be reset by hand. The input signal is 4 … 20 MA. The voltage supply is 24 V DC. The EI 100 can be mounted with a holder or with a support in the switchgear cubicle. The EI 160 can be mounted in the switchgear cubicle or directly on the transformer.

The EI 100/160 is the ideal supplement for the thermometer with temperature transmitter (TT = 4 … 20 mA) and can also be used in combination with “signal converter TT30.”

The measured value can be presented in % or °C depending on the application.

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