About Megger

Established in the late 1800s, Megger has been designing and making test and measurement instruments that perform electrical measurements for preventative maintenance, troubleshooting and commissioning for decades. Megger products have supported customers all over the world to improve their facilities’ efficiency, reduce costs, extend the life of apparatus and through trending and analysis, anticipate equipment failure and future performance. It now has local offices in many locations with technical support teams and distributors all over the world. Manufacturing plants are located in Germany, Sweden, the UK, and USA. Today, Cepco Sales offers Megger electrical test equipment in Saudi Arabia with a wide range of categories.

Megger Equipment and Product Range

As power grids get bigger and carry more power, the need for quick, reliable disconnection when faults occur becomes more urgent. The purpose of protective relay equipment is to sense fault states and trip circuit breakers. If a fault isn’t corrected early, personal injuries and damage can occur. Megger’s next generation of programmable secondary relay test systems are designed specifically to test microprocessor, solid state and electromechanical relays. New generation single phase and three phase test systems with remote control facilities and analytics software can make life much easier for protection test engineers.

Circuit breakers are mechanically sophisticated devices designed to carry load current under normal power system conditions, direct current flow between desired sections of an electric power system, and interrupt current flow under abnormal power system events and conditions, such as faults.

There are several facets to a transformer’s overall health (dielectric, magnetic, mechanical and thermal) and many components that must be tested to verify the transformer’s whole condition.

In the event of power failure in a power plant or transformer substation, batteries are there to provide backup power. However, the battery capacity can drop significantly long before its calculated life expectancy is reached, and the battery can have weak cells that can cause costly service interruptions. Regular capacity and impedance testing is essential for predictive maintenance and protection of assets, and it need not be time-consuming or expensive.

Megger’s phase angle meters are specifically designed for measurements on electrical power systems. They are capable of displaying phase angle, voltage, current, frequency, and timing. The phase angle is calculated from the relationship between two power signals, which can be two currents, two voltages or any combination.

Low resistance micro-ohmmeters are designed to measure the resistance of circuit breaker contacts, bus-bar joints, contact elements in bus-bars and other high-current links.

Most advanced primary current injection test system to simplify all types of switchgear and CT commissioning, ground grid, circuit breaker testing and more.

This powerful test system is designed for primary injection testing of protective relay equipment and circuit breakers. It is also used to test the turns ratio of current transformers and for other applications that require high variable currents.

Megger Electrical Test Equipment in Saudi Arabia

CEPCO Sales are authorized suppliers and distributors of Megger electrical test equipment in Saudi Arabia. For more information about its collaboration with CEPCO Sales, visit Megger’s website or contact us here.