Transformer Accessories

Transformer Accessories

CEPCO Sales distributes a wide collection of power transformer accessories in Saudi Arabia, most of which are brands from MR Maschinen Reinhausen and MESSKO which is also a division of MR in Germany.

The list of offered electrical transformer accessories in KSA includes:

Voltage Regulators
Voltage regulators measure a power transformer’s constant secondary voltage given a constant primary voltage in load current.

Dehydrating Breathers for Transformers and Tap Changers
Being used on tap changers and distribution transformers, dehydrating breathers are for preventing air moisture from mixing with the oil in the electrical transformer equipment.

Transformer Monitoring and Analysis Systems
These transformer monitoring systems are significant for gathering information from distribution transformers in order to have better management control.

Transformer Cooling Control Systems
With cooling control systems, transformers are able to be put at higher loads without exceeding temperature limits.

Transformer Signal Conditioners
Signal Conditioners convert one type of electrical signal into another type of signal.

Transformer Flow Indicators
Transformer flow indicators are designed to indicate “pump on” and “pump off” conditions within a cooling system.

Transformer Oil Level Indicators
Oil level indicators display whether or not air remained in the transformer or if leakage is taking place in a transformer’s tank.

Transformer Sensors
Tranformer sensors include signal converters and temperature transmitters.

Transformer Thermometers
Transformer thermometers used for oil and winding temperature measurement in transformers.

Pressure Relief Equipment for Transformers and Tap Changers
Pressure relief devices allow the insulating fluids to be discharged in milliseconds during an uncontrolled increase in pressure.