Offline Testing and Diagnostics

Offline Testing and Diagnostics

As one part of the cable testing and diagnostics subdivision, offline testing and diagnostics testing devices are required for the successful commissioning of underground cable networks or repairs.

Offline testing and diagnostics are divided into 3 divisions in the cable fault location testing industry:

  • Partial Discharge PD Diagnostics and Testing
    Partial discharge activity is an indication of insulation faults and is widely considered one of the most important indicators of cable deterioration in medium and high voltage insulation.

  • Portable VLF Testing
    A Very Low Frequency (VLF) Withstand Test is an AC Withstand Test. This test is used in order to test high capacitance loads in cables. Based on this service test, the cable will undergo testing to either pass or fail this test.

  • Tan Delta Diagnostics
    Tan delta diagnostics and Monitored Withstand Test (MWT) that combines the cable testing and dissipation factor measurement. This allows for an accurate and comprehensive assessment of the cable condition.