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Reach out to our sales experts directly for immediate assistance with all sales-related inquiries.

Our Offices

Al Nuzha Dist. Prince Muqrin Road opposing Musa Al-Ismael Mosque, CEPCO main sales office

Al Faisaliyah Dist. Al Sayedah Khadija St, Behind SERAFI mega mall, CEPCO main building

Al Rakah Dist. Khaled Ibn Alwaleed Road, Kinan Alsharq Business Center, 4th Floor, Office No. 402

Cepco Sales offer their products & services in Saudi Arabia only.
Clients in other countries are advised to contact the authorized sellers in their location.

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    Saudi Arabia, Riyadh, Al Nuzha Dist. Prince Muqrin Road opposite side of Musa Al-Ismael Mosque, P.O. Box 300885, Riyadh 11372
    Tel: +966 11 460 0803 Fax: +966 11 460 0804