As the leading manufacturer and exporter of water leak detectors in Saudi Arabia and around the world, FUJI TECOM has always been committed to providing unique products to its customers with an ongoing search for improvement in technology and quality.

FUJI TECOM not only specializes in water leak detection equipment but have also concentrated its skills on locater technologies to pinpoint cables, pipes, and other components whether they were metallic or non-metallic in composition.

FUJI TECOM Equipment and Product Range

Leakage in water has been made easy to handle with FUJI TECOM water leak detectors in Saudi Arabia with the diverse kinds of equipment offered by the company. These devices include noise logger systems, noise level and frequency loggers, noise correlators, water leak sound detectors, noise reduction leak detectors, boring bars, listening sticks, and many more.

To measure the flow rate or quantity of water (liquid, gas, or vapor) and its pressure in pipes, FUJI TECOM designed several types of devices to include ultrasonic water flow meters and portable water pressure recorders.

Fuji cable and pipe locators assist users with high efficiency for detecting the existence and approximate location of underground services such as metallic water or gas lines, plastic pipes, network cables, copper and aluminum cables, as well as conduits and power lines in advance of undertaking excavation works. This safe process helps avoid the damage of services from happening during on-site excavation.

Metal and marker locators are another division from FUJI TECOM for guiding users in the location of metallic and marker elements such as buried utilities that include meter boxes, valve boxes, manhole covers, pipe ends, cable paths, joints, fiber optic cables, and branch points.

FUJI TECOM Water Leak Detectors in Saudi Arabia

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