We offer dedicated customer support and after-sales services for electrical test equipment that include maintenance and calibration services, training services, as well as equipping vans services in Saudi Arabia.

After Sales Services for Electrical Test Equipment

Equipment Maintenance

We believe that maintenance of your equipment should be done faster and with high quality standards and for ensuring this, we have highly qualified and trained staff in our maintenance department. Our workshop has the latest technology for the calibration of all testing equipment. We do believe that time is money, we return your equipment in service shortly after receiving it. Our Divisions include the mechanical division (Repair & Maintain oil treatment machines and SF6 gas handling machines.) and the electronics division (Repair & Maintain testing and measuring equipment.)

SF6 Gas Handling Services

Our after sales services for electrical test equipment in Saudi Arabia also include SF6 gas and oil handling services for many brands including the brands we offer. We have an experienced team for the maintenance of SF6 gas handling machines and Oil Filtration Machines offering solutions that are perfectly adapted for each client’s requirements, thus generating additional benefits for our customers.

High Voltage Laboratory

When it comes to high voltage category we have one of the best high voltage labs in the Saudi Kingdom. Our high voltage lab is equipped with the latest technology to repair and calibrate all types of H.V devices like 1,000KV resonance system, lightning impulse and switching impulse up to 1,600KV. We have highly trained engineers in our H.V lab and they are providing their best services to our customers. The high voltage field is our advantage, with a wide range of quantities.

Dedicated Customer Support

Our certified and trained personal will always support our customer on operating and training. All standard spare parts are always available in stock to ensure quick and efficient troubleshooting at our workshop. we offer you our long term experience in application and operation training.

Van Equipping Division

Equipping test vans for testing (cables, transformers, oil treatment, SF6 gas handling) or any other scope like workshop vans … Etc.

Calibration Services

We offer the calibration of mechanical, electrical and HV test equipment in the largest service center in Saudi Arabia for electrical testing and commissioning services.

BAUR Test Equipment in Saudi Arabia
BAUR Test Equipment in Saudi Arabia