BAUR Test Equipment in Saudi Arabia

About BAUR 

BAUR has been a well-known company in Austria and worldwide to offer high-quality testing and measurement equipment to prevent network and system damage. Moreover, having precise maintenance and cable fault location systems made BAUR a trustworthy company for many investors and users. Being pioneers in the service of electrical power distribution systems, BAUR test equipment in Saudi Arabia and the world made a positive presence for over 70 years.

BAUR has served the world market, in fields including power plant companies, mains operators, and public utility companies, as well as industrial and service companies around the world.

BAUR Equipment and Product Range

In general, cable fault location from BAUR test equipment in Saudi Arabia and worldwide are used to detect faults in cables from damages occurring through several factors such as disruptions and moisture. BAUR, as a result, designed a variety of products, to include cable test systems, burn down transformers, cable fault and sheath testing, cable identification systemscable route tracing, phase identification systems, pinpointing, surge voltage generators, time domain reflectors, and system software packages.

Because cable condition and health determination are important for cable protection overtime, BAUR offers cable testing and diagnostics equipment as an addition to its high-tech products. These products generally include AC-DC hipot testers, offline testing and diagnostics, and online partial discharge testing and monitoring.

Cable test vans from BAUR have been equipped with advanced technologies for easy and accurate cable fault, testing, and diagnostics. Unlike most companies, BAUR cable test van equipment can be installed in any small vans up to 3.5 tons. Therefore, this provides a high advantage of equipment installation flexibilty.

Oil insulation testers from Baur had specific regulations to particularly follow international standards. Hence, these products can progress with their high-quality precision, long-life, cost reduction, and accessibility for transformer damage protection.

CEPCO Sales’ products offered through BAUR include oil breakdown voltage testers, dissipation factor measurement devices, in addition to other products.

BAUR Test Equipment in Saudi Arabia

CEPCO Sales are authorized suppliers for BAUR test equipment in Saudi Arabia. For further information about its collaboration with CEPCO Sales, visit BAUR’s website or contact us here.