SF6 Gas Handling Service Carts

SF6 Gas Handling Service Carts

DILO’s SF6 gas handling service carts are considered to maintain the highest degree of performance and efficiency. With a variety of SF6 service carts, DILO has concentrated on providing its users with diverse cart series to fit their needs, each of which have different capacities, size, features, and functions.

CEPCO Sales supplies these SF6 gas handling service carts in Saudi Arabia to include several types of series:

  • Mini Series
  • Piccolo Series
  • Compact Series
  • Economy Series
  • Mega Series

Some SF6 gas handling service carts features

Being considered to be user-friendly devices, these service carts are the perfect choice to have for sf6 gas handling.

  • Storage capability in gaseous or liquid form
  • SF6 gas recovery
  • Residual gas recovery during filter change
  • Reduction to transport pressure as an integrated special function
  • All versions are available with tanks which can be assembled under the device
  • Have digital weighing scales for SF6 bottles