High Volt LiMOS Transformer Loss Measuring Systems

CEPCO Sales are official distributors for High Volt LiMOS Transformer Loss Measuring Systems in Saudi Arabia. 

HIGH VOLT Brand Saudi Arabia


The transformer loss measuring system LiMOS is designed for highly accurate measurement of losses and other parameters required in the framework of routine and type testing of power transformers. The combined voltage/current sensors and the digital signal processing enable a very compact design with only one HV device per phase with smallest volume and footprint. The digitized and preprocessed signals are transmitted via fiber optic cable to the receiver unit (LiMO-MCSU).

The related iMOS software serves to operate the whole measuring system and to read out, process and visualize the measured data. It furthermore integrates the loss measuring system into the HIGHVOLT control for automated evaluation, back up and further processing. The remote-controlled change of the measuring range reduces the measuring time significantly.



  • No-load loss and current measurement
  • Load loss and impedance voltage measurement
  • Temperature rise test
  • Zero-sequence measurement
  • Induced voltage test

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