High Volt HiCOS Control Test Systems

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Control system with expandable modular design

The HiCOS control system is a collection of modules to control test systems and to record, manage, evaluate and report the measuring data. It is suitable for mobile and stationary test systems and measuring devices. The modular design of the HiCOS control system enables functions to be further expanded. Existing test systems from other manufacturers can be upgraded with HiCOS.

HiCOS Basic

HiCOS Basic contains all necessary modules to control a high voltage test system. It allows manual and basic automatic test procedures. Safety measures according to current standards are included to prevent injuries to the operator. Apart from the safety measures and the housing, HiCOS Basic consists of the hardware HiCO Basic and the PLC software iCOS Basic.

HiCOS Advanced

HiCOS Advanced extends HiCOS Basic with a computer control. There are several options available that ensure the system’s compliance with various specifi c test bay requirements. For example, several high voltage test systems and measuring devices can be connected via a central database to exchange measuring data and generate central reports. HiCOS Advanced consists of the hardware HiCO Advanced and the PC software iCOS Advanced as well as the standard safety measures and the housing.


  • For all HIGHVOLT equipment and measurement systems
  • For all HIGHVOLT upgrades

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