Fuji PL-960 Metal Pipe and Cable Locators

CEPCO Sales are official distributors for Fuji PL-960 Metal pipe and cable locators in Saudi Arabia. 

FujiTecom Brand Saudi Arabia
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Fuji PL-960 Pipe and Cable locator has been developed by use of the most reliable performance differential pick-up coil which has been fully testified by the facts experienced with Fuji PL-801 since 1980.
The PL-960 offers a high power, high frequency locating. With 3 active frequencies, 27kHz, 83kHz, and 334kHz.
Occasionally, high frequency jumps non-conductive insulators and gaskets. Pull up depth measurement increases the reliability of the depth measurement.
The PL-960 is powerful and versatile. Can trace and locate any continuous metal such as iron, steel, and copper water lines, gas lines, tracer wire by plastic pipe, telephone/TV cables, copper and aluminum wire, conduit and power lines.
Max depth 5m. Runs on 6D cell batteries-Transmitter and 6 AA batteries-Receiver. Comes with Padded Case Transmitter, Receiver, manual and Conductive Clips.

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