Metrel MI 2230 VAFMETER multifunction power quality analyzers

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MI 2230 VAFMeter is handheld multifunction instrument which can accurately measure voltage, current, power, harmonic distortion and phase angles in single, two and three phase systems.


  • TRMS Two channel voltage measurements, up to 600 Vac
  • TRMS Two channel current measurements, up to 3000 Aac
  • U-U, I-I, U-I angle measurement, phase diagram
  • Support for three-phase (Aaron) systems
  • Active, reactive and apparent power, PF, cos φ, THD, frequency
  • Continuity/resistance of conductors with 200mA test current with polarity change and with pass/fail functionality


  • Simultaneous measurement and display of voltage, current phase angles and frequency on two or three-phase systems
  • Accurate phase angle measurement at low current levels
  • Easy to use: large bright LCD display and large buttons enable easy handling of the instrument
  • Memory storage for storing up to 1500 measurements
  • Safe: built for CAT II / 600V environments
  • Portable: rugged carrying case with a handle and lightweight design enable easy moving the instrument between sites.
  • Built in charger & rechargeable batteries: instrument has a built-in charging circuit and comes with a set of rechargeable NiMH batteries.
  • Downloadable: downloads test results via RS232 or USB cable directly to the PC with the help of the Metrel EuroLink software.

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