Baur PGK 80 Hipot Cable Testers

CEPCO Sales are official distributors for  Baur PGK 80 hipot DC cable testers in Saudi Arabia. 

BAUR GMBH Brand Saudi Arabia


Cable testing and diagnostics with the BAUR PGK 80

The portable, one-piece PGK 80 high-voltage test device for generating negative DC voltage up to 80 kV is primarily used for onsite testing of paper-insulated mass-impregnated cables in the medium-voltage network. The high voltage is generated through a high-voltage transformer with secondary voltage-multiplier. The internal operating frequency of 20 kHz enables the smallest of device dimensions.

  • Continuous adjustable output voltage
  • The voltage measurement is done directly at the high voltage output
  • Timer of 1-30 min
  • Sensitive current measurement for recording the smallest of insulation currents with 6-time range switch, decadal

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