Baur Syscompact 4000

CEPCO Sales are official distributors of Baur Syscompact 4000 cable test systems in Saudi Arabia.

BAUR GMBH Brand Saudi Arabia


Fault location with Syscompact 4000

The Syscompact 4000 is a compact, fully enclosed fault location system for pre-location and pinpointing of high-resistive, low-resistive and intermittent faults on low- and medium-voltage cables. Easy operation and the use of latest fault location methods enable fast and safe fault location.

  • Location of low-resistive, high-resistive and intermittent cable faults
  • Efficient cable fault pre-location methods
  • Pinpointing according to the noise location method or acoustic propagation time measurement
  • (with Universal Locator and ground microphone)
  • Sheath fault location according to the step voltage method (with Universal Locator and two measurement probes)
  • Easy to handle

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